When it comes to app development, every project is totally unique. Some have an easy-paced and straightforward development path (those are rare ones). Other have a bunch of changes here and there. Flipdish is an excellent example of how a project can change in its core even after the app has been released. Yet still, become an incredibly successful product at the end of the day. It was the type of project that kept us on our toes throughout all the five years of collaboration and, in the end, it was so totally worth it!

Appuchino takes meticulous care of…

September 12th event was all about the new iPhones. Despite this, Apple introduced a few other major updates in their product line. One of them was Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular support.

Having a watch, a phone and an iPod with unlimited songs on your wrist is really impressive, however one important detail in particular slipped from most of the reviews. Apple Watch Series 3 can become the driver of electronic SIM (eSIM) in telecom industry. One of the first eSIM devices — Samsung Gear S3, even after almost a year on the market, supports LTE only in US…

In the last few years Ireland has taken enormous efforts to make the country more attractive for startups. Low corporate tax, R&D tax credits, support offered by Enterprise Ireland, talent availability (given the presence of huge multinational companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft and many more) and the English language make the country very attractive for startups. Ireland even took the lead in the World Bank “Doing Business” 2012 ranking in the EU for “ease of doing business”, but now we have lost the leadership and I assume banking is one of the reasons behind this drop.

Our Adventure of Opening a Bank Account

In early 2015 together…

Alexey Rashevskiy

Appuchino Founder and iOS Developer

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